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This book is where it all started! I remember my mom using this book and baking recipes from it and adding her own little notes on the side, and a few of my own notes (scribbles). My all-time favorite cake my mom used to make was Carrot Cake.

Once I was old enough I was able to try some of these recipes on my own, instinctively I turned to page 21. Guess what recipe was on that page. That's right Carrot Cake, along with my moms notes next to it. You know what else was all over that page, Me, my little hand writing. While my mom baked I would trace the numbers and letters and then sign it off with my name. This book is al gem I will cherish forever. Thank you mom! ❤

Some where along the line I became the family birthday cake baker. For our kids birthdays I would let them choose the style of cake they wanted and I would pair it with some matching cupcakes and eventually decorated sugar cookies.

It was during one of their birthdays that my sister in law tried the sugar cookies, fast forward to teacher appreciation week and she asked if I could make some apple shaped cookies. Without hesitation I said yes, and before I knew it her post spread quickly on social media and I had friends and family ordering cookies too. This quickly turned into a hobby, taking a few orders here and there. Eventually I started a page and it picked up follows Fast!

I dreamed of one day owning a small shop where I could bake and share my passion for baking with others, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic I did just that. I quit my secure job, put down a deposit for a space and set things in motion.  The grand opening was one for the books, a line out the door, family and close friends sporting "Sweet Cravings" shirts and ending the night completely SOLD OUT! At that moment I knew I would need a business partner.

Meet Luis, my little brother, who even though he is 2 years younger than me I have always admired and turned to for guidance. He came downstairs while I was doing a full bake to restock the shop, my trusted taste tester, if I needed an honest review he was sure to give one. I looked at him, and I must have given him a look, because he smirked and asked "what's going on?" Half joking and half serious I said, you need to quit your job (he had worked construction for over 10 years) because I need a partner I can count on. He chuckled, grabbed a brownie and said ok, and back upstairs he went. 

Next afternoon, I hear the garage open and I walk out to greet him only to find him unloading 10 years worth of drywall tools. I stood there in shock and afraid to hear his response I asked him "whats going on?".....a pause, and then he laughed and said I thought you needed a partner. I cried, and he hugged me and said so what now, you have to teach me to bake. Just like that he was promoted from taste tester to my business partner and fellow baker.

This journey has been a true blessing for both of us. Together we have learned so much about running a business, giving back to our community and hosting events to bring our community together. We have met so many wonderful families and made some incredible business relationships. We can't wait to see what the future holds for Sweet Cravings.
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